Easysoft RMS ODBC Driver


The Easysoft ODBC-RMS Driver lets ODBC-enabled Windows applications such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel access RMS data on OpenVMS servers.

In addition to VAX and Alpha OpenVMS servers, the Easysoft ODBC-RMS Driver also provides ODBC access to the OpenVMS Itanium (i64) 64-bit platform. If you are currently migrating your RMS data to the OpenVMS Itanium (i64) platform, you can therefore use the Easysoft ODBC-RMS Driver to access these high performance systems from your ODBC-enabled applications. If you have yet to make the transition, you can be confident that Easysoft is committed to ODBC access to RMS data on the most current OpenVMS platforms.

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Easysoft (http://www.easysoft.com/)